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Nashville, TN. December 4, 2023 — Singing News, a prominent figure in Southern Gospel music and a key player in the industry, is proud to announce a strategic expansion of its executive team to further fuel growth and innovation. Effective December 2023, key leadership roles have been reassigned, reflecting the company's commitment to fostering industry development and broadening its influence.

Scott Godsey, who has been at the helm as President/CEO and co-founder of Sea Walker Media Corp. and its affiliated brands since May 2022, continues to be a driving force behind the organization. His passion and visionary leadership have played a pivotal role in creating opportunities for the industry to thrive.

In a strategic move to fortify its leadership team, Jack Armstrong has been appointed as the Chairman of The Board for Sea Walker Media Corporation. His successful business career extending beyond the Southern Gospel music realm, Armstrong brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position. Additionally, he manages the historic Bibletones Quartet, further contributing to his extensive understanding of the industry. Armstrong's new role will focus on initiatives directed at expanding the company's footprint and solidifying growth in the market.

Vonda Armstrong, alongside Jack, has also joined the Board of Directors for Sea Walker Media Corporation, bringing a wealth of experience and insights to contribute to the strategic direction of the organization. Vonda also serves as the Media Director for Singing News Brands and has a long track record of success in media.

Ray Flynn, a co-founder of Sea Walker Media Corp., now assumes the pivotal role of Chief Corp. Negotiations Officer. Flynn's multifaceted contributions have been instrumental in steering the corporation through successful acquisitions, managing day-to-day operations, and shaping the overall strategic direction of the affiliated brands. His extensive business acumen continues to be an invaluable asset in positioning Singing News as a leading force in the industry.

The realignment of these executive roles is a testament to Singing News' commitment to driving innovation, fostering growth, and reinforcing its standing in Southern Gospel music. The company is poised to leverage the diverse skill sets and experiences of its leadership team to usher in a new era of success. For media inquiries or additional information, please contact: office@singingnews.com

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